About Me

I started venturing into photography as a business in 2011 and over the years the business has grown as have I. I have always been a creative person and I am most content when I am shooting, editing or designing something. I do have a talent for a song or two as well and am classically trained in opera would you believe! But photography has now claimed my heart above all other creative pursuits. My love for photography has deepened, my understanding of it has increased and my knowledge and skills have become greater. I want to offer my clients the absolute very best when it comes to my service, products and the entire experience!
I offer family, maternity, lifestyle and wedding photography both outdoor sessions in the upper highway and studio sessions at my home studio in Waterfall near Hillcrest. For me the beauty in this business lies in connecting with all sorts of amazing different people and being able to capture a little bit of their ‘wild’ souls. I’m not here to snap a pic. I am here to take a moment in time and freeze it for you to treasure. Time is so precious and is so fleeting, why should we not capture the passing moments before they are lost forever?
Let me do that for you and whilst I do I will sigh in gratitude.